Up your Digital Talent Game with Gatekeeper

 Gatekeeper is at the forefront of talent assessment, specialized in evaluating candidates, freelancers, and consultants for digital positions. 

Our Assessments

Assessments of digital skills for operational, managerial and strategic roles in a variety of sectors and industries.

  • Assessing Operational Roles

    A fully online assessment platform, designed for efficiency. Assess a large pool of candidates swiftly, ensuring that you find the operational talent that propels your organization to the forefront of digital excellence.

  • Assessing Managerial Roles

    Role-based assessments allowing you to precisely gauge a candidate's digital managerial capabilities to implement your organization's digital strategy and be accountable for day-to-day digital operations.

  • Assessing Strategic Roles

    Use cases to craft and evaluate fine-grained business accumen that truly reflect the digital challenges. Identify candidates that deliver strategic digital excellence, ensuring your organization's success. 

Our Platform

An overview of our digital skill assessment platform

  • User-Friendly Interface

    Our platform is designed to be intuitive and easy to use.
  • No subscription

    After review, access to the platform is free. Assessment billing is flexible.

  • Credit-based system

    Buy credits and exchange them for any kind of assessment.

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