Operational Assessments

Below, you can find all available operational assessments, or the assessments currently under development.

Example Question - Funnel Marketing

You are a digital marketer for Thunderwear, a Norwegian brand of boxershorts. Because of the growing popularity of wireless earbuds, Thunderwear has created boxershorts with a small foldable pocket where wearers can store and hide their earbuds container. This line of underwear is known as the "Bulge". 

Your main competitor, Sunderwear, a Greek brand of boxershorts sells the same undergarment innovation, but wearers have been complaining about the uncomfortable textile when the pocket contains an item.

How would you select an audience in the BOFU phase?

Include users that have opened a newsletter in which the Bulge is explained, exclude users that have visited the Thunderwear website after viewing the email. 

👉 Include users that have consumed content (testimonials, articles and videos) that compares Thunderwear and Sunderwear boxershorts, excluding users that have purchased the Bulge. 

Include users that landed on the Thunderwear website from a campaign on Instagram that advertised the Bulge, excluding users that have viewed its product page. 

 Include users that have shared their experience with the Bulge via social media (for a discount on their next purchase), exclude users that have used their discount code. 

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